Fishing Safaris

The Zambezi River and its countless tributary areas is home to numerous species of fresh water fish, the most famous of these is the Tiger Fish. Also known as Africa’s finest fresh water fighting fish with supreme game fish status.

Our Tiger Fishing Safaris take place on the Chobe River and parts of the Zambezi River where you’ll have hippos and crocodiles for company – our tiger fishing safaris are thus not for the faint hearted!

We use conventional or fly-fishing methods and if you love fishing you will love being surrounded by the awe-inspiring scenery and the total serenity of being part of nature in its immaculate state. Our Tiger Fishing Safaris offer fisherman the ultimate safari experience. 

Our lodging range from 3-5 Star, depending on your preferences and we normally add this trip as a pre- or post hunting safari.

Please let us know when booking your safari so we can include a tailor-made fishing excursion when we book your safari.