Bow Hunting

Our concessions include some of the best bow hunting areas on the continent. We offer most species with the bow from blinds or tree stands or walk & stalk hunts for most species.

Most of our hunt are in typical “bushveld” terrain with an abundance of animals on offer. You will always be accompanied by a professional guide that will know the area, the game and the conditions so as to ensure a great hunt.

Francois Els is a seasoned bow-hunter himself and has hunted over 40 species of African game with his bow. He has guided countless plains game and dangerous game bowhunts over a 20 year period and has excellent knowledge how to get in close if on foot or where to place the perfect treestand of blind.

We cater for both compound bows and traditional bows and vary our hunting style to suit the individual archer.

Bowhunting season is generally in the dryer months (May through September) and we have a bunch of trail-cameras that we put out to ensure that we know the pattern and timing of each species that we hunt, to maximize our opportunity.

Speak to us about tailor-making a bow hunting trip for you!!