Flights & Traveling to Africa

Airline Reservations:

We suggest the use of a Travel Agent to book your flights to Africa. Travel agents can recommend the best options and they have your back when you need to make changes, in stead of dealing direct with an airline. If you have your preferred travel agent we suggest you make use of them, as you trust their services already. Airlines can change their itineraries often so it would be advisable to get the airline app as to stay in touch with flight schedules while travelling.

We have a preferred travel agent in South Africa that we would suggest if you would like to use a local travel agent. If you would like us to assist you in making your travel arrangements, please feel free to contact us so we can provide you with their contact information.

Click here, if you want to make use of our suggested Travel Agent. This page will indicate all the services they offer and how they can assist you to make all the necessary travel arrangements for you.

Flights to South Africa –

Current direct flight options are:

  • Delta Airlines – Direct daily flight between Atlanta and Johannesburg
  • United Airlines – Direct daily flight between Newark and Johannesburg

Other 1 stop flights to Johannesburg include:

  • Lufthanza (via Germany)
  • KLM (Via Amsterdam)
  • Vigin Atlantic (via the UK)
  • Emirates (via Dubai)
  • Qatar (via Qatar)

Flights to Namibia –

There are no direct flights between the USA and Namibia and we recommend a direct flight to Johannesburg as per the above and then connect on a 2 hour flight to the capital Windhoek.

Other 1 stop flights to Windhoek include:

  • Lufthanza (via Germany)
  • Emirates (via Dubai)

Travelling with firearms:

Most airlines allow travelling with firearms, however please check with them when making the reservation and advise them when making the reservation that you will be travelling with firearm(s). Travelling to South Africa or Namibia with your own firearms is relatively easy, however there is a little bit of paperwork involved. We have a person at the airport in South Africa and Namibia, that will assist us with the paperwork before and upon your arrival and this ensures a smooth process. We will assist you through the entire process!

Please click on the below link to see our page that explains the process in detail.


As we have all been affected by the Covid-19 restrictions, travel is no exception. It has however over the last 6 months become much easier to travel around the world. At the moment the ONLY requirement for travelling to Africa is a negative Covid-19 PCR test that needs to be done within 72 hours prior to departure from the country of origin. Once in camp with us we will take you for a Covid test here within 72 hours before your departure back home. As it stands at the moment this is the only requirement for travelling to Africa.

For Travel insurance:

We recommend travel insurance to all our guests travelling to Africa. This is for peace of mind knowing that you are covered while travelling overseas. You can get more information here:

Global Rescue:

We have an affiliation with the Global Rescue company. They will provide field rescue and medical evacuation service worldwide, in the event of a very serious injury. Although our private hospitals in Africa are of the same standard as in the USA, this just offers the added option should you wish to be relocated back home in such an event. You can get more information here:

General Information and History About South Africa & Namibia:

You can get more info about South Africa in general here:

You can get more info about Namibia in general here:

If you need any other information or have a few questions please feel free to email or call us at any time.