Dangerous Game Hunting

At Kaiwhai Safaris we offer our clients the opportunity to hunt the world famous Dangerous 7. We have been hunting Africa’s Dangerous Game for over 20 years in southern Africa and our concessions in South Africa and Namibia include areas where we can hunt all of these species.

It is widely known as the 7 animals that will go out of their way to kill a human. With our world class concessions, we offer each of these animals to our clients on a legal hunt with the legal paperwork to do so. The Dangerous 7 consist of the Big 5, (African Lion, Cape Buffalo, African Elephant, African Leopard & Rhino), with a Hippo and Nile Crocodile added to the list.

Here is more info about these animals and how we prefer to hunt them.

Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo claims its spot as the number 1 Bucket-list animal for most hunters visiting Africa. Widely referred to as The Black Death of Africa, the Cape Buffalo is seen as the most dangerous hunt of the Dangerous 7 animals.

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African Elephant

African elephants are the largest animals walking the Earth. Their herds wander through 37 countries in Africa.  They are threatened by loss of habitat and fragmentation, and by poaching for their Ivory tusks.

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When it comes to a Rhino hunt, it is always a touchy subject. The worldwide effort to save Rhinos against illegal poaching is a reality. At Kaiwhai Safaris our number of privately owned Rhinos grows every year, through sustainable hunting, that gives the animal value. 

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One of the most widely recognized animal symbols in human culture, the lion has been extensively depicted in sculptures and paintings, on national flags, and in contemporary films and literature.

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The African Leopard inhabits a wide range of habitats within Africa, from mountainous forests to grasslands and Savannas, excluding only extremely sandy desert. The African leopard exhibits great variation in coat colour, depending on location and habitat. 

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After the Elephant and Rhino, the hippopotamus is the third-largest type of land mammal. During the day Hippo prefer to be in the water or on the banks nearby, where the stay cool from the hot African sun. Many people don’t know that Hippos are plant & grass eaters. 

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Nile Crocodiles are opportunistic apex predators; a very aggressive species of Crocodile, they are capable of taking almost any animal within their range. These prolific dinosaurs are a treat to hunt, seeing that you must literally outsmart them. 

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