Hunting Vehicles

We hunt in very rough terrain in Africa; thus, we need specialized hunting vehicles to help us move around and to hunt from. We also use these trucks to recover the animals we hunt.

All our trucks are all 4×4 seeing that most of the terrain we hunt on will have no, to little access to roads. This also make for an adrenaline filled drive while looking for the animals.

Our trucks are all equipped with a hunting-frame on the back. Attached to the frame we have a shooting bench over the cab of the truck with seats to sit on comfortably. A winch with a slide that fits on the tailgate is used to recover the animals and drag them on to the truck. We can load any animal up to the size of a Cape Buffalo onto the truck. We also have 2-way radios to be in constant communication with the truck and driver while a hunter and Professional Hunter is on foot in the hunting field. This is also a great feature for safety, should someone get injured we can evacuate them immediately.

On every truck you will find a cooler with cold water and soft drinks to keep you hydrated during the warm days.

We also have a truck where we can fit a “night Hunting” frame on to. This frame is higher than the cab to give you some elevation above the tall grass where we usually hunt Jackal and Caracal from. This night hunting frame comes with 2 swiveled chairs and gun rests to make shooting comfortable for 2 hunters.

On our South African property, we also have a R44 helicopter. We use this helicopter mainly for Game Capturing and relocation of game. We also use this helicopter for game culling packages. A flip in the helicopter over the hunting property is usually a highlight for the hunters. We also use it to recover wounded animals, making your chance of success even better.