Long Range Hunting

We are experts at Long-Range Hunting!!

Long-range hunting is not a new sport, but recent improvements to hunting rifles and especially telescopes have brought in within reach of the average, well-equipped hunter.

We have excellent concessions where we specialise in the art of hunting African game at distances 800 yards. Most of the species we hunt in these concessions include: Springbok, Blesbok, Wildbeest, Eland, Gemsbok and more.

We can include a long-range hunting trip with any other safari, but we need to know in advance if you plan to do this, as we have dedicated concessions where we have the appropriate terrain for the job.

We use Jarrett Rifles (The most accurate hunting rifles in the world) with specialised ammo that are set up for shots as far as you are comfortable with, and you are welcome to use our rifles if you do not have the appropriate rifle, however we strongly suggest that you use a rifle that you are comfortable with and that you have used at these distances.

Let us know and we’ll gladly set this up for you.