Rifle Hunting

We offer rifle hunting in South Africa and Namibia, that range from traditional bushveld to semi desert. We believe in ethical sustainable hunting that not only ensures a great fair-chase hunt, but a hunt that will also contribute directly or indirectly to the preservation of the species.

We recommend a 7-10 day hunt depending on the animals hunted and the group size, but we also do longer hunts if your time allows it. Our concessions are very large and we have an abundance of game of every species and it is our trademark that we only harvest the best possible trophy animals.

Most of our rifle hunting is done on a walk-and-stalk or spot-and-stalk basis, which means that you need to be moderately fit to be able to cover some ground during the hunt. We also cater for hunters that prefer not to walk too much by varying our hunting techniques to ambush or driven hunts.

Although most clients bring their own rifles, we have an arsenal of hunting rifles that we offer to clients should they prefer not to bring their own rifles, so please let us know and we can assist you with this.

Our prices include all amenities, so you don’t have any hidden costs while on safari. Please contact us for our detailed price list…..